Charades!™ App Reviews

215 add


Paid to remove ads, love it! Developers, can you add an unlimited time mode? Thank you!

Guess what!?

Great and accessible game for all people of all ages! Love that its free aside from removing ads!

Too many ads but fun overall

Lovely game <3

Just awful

When you move it the slightest up it says pass or if you move it the slightest down it says correct


Pretty good


Wow this game is...AWESOME I always play this with my family


Whats going on with the coins


This game is awesome....I love that you can make your own decks....


I saw Little Carly And Cassie the cat playing heads up. When I saw I couldnt afford it I got Charades! Its the same as Heads up and its Really Fun!


charades is super fun becauseme and my friends play it all the time on the bus! thx fatchicken studios for creating this game!

Love it!!!

Just got it and hubs and I cant stop playing!!!

Fun and easy

Best game Ive ever had . Its good for occasions to. Also so easy


Me and my daughter love this game!! They play it at her daycare as well.


Tried playing too many ads cant play anymore


Lots of adds, have to buy coins to unlock decks...paid to have ads removed and get coins, and the payment went through, but changes did not happen! Tried to restore purchases, but nothing happened. Tried to see if purchase went through and it charged me again! I am out $10 ($5.49 x 2) and am very disappointed!


Excellent game. If you want to share or get custom card decks, go to Reddit r/CharadesDecks

Really fun!

This game is really fun to play when your high!

Lots of fun with a few glitches

This game is lots of fun, but there have been occasional glitches such as passing on a word with only a slight movement. Also seems to repeat words often.

So much fun

I love this

I hate this game

It is the weirdest game I ever played in my life.So I deleted it.

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