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Giving it three stars because its freezes a lot. Otherwise its fun when youre around family, friends or just with someone that is down to play. Fix bugs please.

Awesome fun

Had a great time playing with my friends at a party. It saved the night.


Paid 3.99 to remove the ads and get 500 coins in order to unlock more categories. Seemed like a good idea and worked until I closed the app. When I relaunched, the coins were gone and the ads were back! There is a button in the store that says restore purchases.... But it doesnt work. Dont give them your money. Just play the free stuff if you can stomach the constant ads redirecting you.

The funniest experience ever!!!!

I just started playing this game with my family. We laughed and laughed till my hands got numb. Please download it! I ❤️ it!

The best 2 player game

I love this app its very fun but it has a lot of people l dont know and 1 more thing the ads are annoying very annoying


Its so fun to make your own decks!!

Fun game

I like this game because you can pick what type of thing you want to act out or guess.

Family and friends

Pretty cool and fun game to play with family and friends. Played it a couple of times had a blast ! Wish it was updated at least once or twice a month


Better than Heads Up, just buy the ad free version


Super fun to play when passing time. I love this game. Needs more common categories, but overall love it

Love it

Great to play with small or large group. Always get a good laugh.

Its really good, just bad ad placement

Its really good and very versatile categories. The only thing is that if youre in the middle of a game it will post an ad which makes no sense -.-


The app keeps freezing after a few questions, even after closing and reopening the app it still does it. I love the app, just wish it didnt freeze.

Nice Fun Game :)

Have Fun playing God Bless

Love it!

I love this game! Its a great game to play with the family and even to include the little ones. I even love playing this game when Im in Disneyland and there is long lines for a ride.

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