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Fun, but too many ads!

This app is really fun, and I love it, but the ads are terrible! Please fix this in the future. ?

Decent for free version

I downloaded this for New Years Eve and had the whole family play. There are a lot of categories to choose from but many will cost a fee. There seemed to be a lot of category specific themes like "Harry Potter" or "Dr. Who" which are useless in a large group of people of different generations that arent familiar with certain shows or movies. I think there needs to be more general categories that all ages can participate in.

Ad pop up every 10 seconds

Terrible app. Its useless when ad pops up during game.


Is Noice

Great game for Family

I love this game. They have a category for everyone and I love it.

Love love love

Always a great game to play with friends or family it gets everyone involved and excited to play

Fun with friends and family (NOT ALONE)

Found this very amusing and fun. The system in the game is balanced as well, where each game you earn 10 coins so paying is not an issue. And if you are bored with the selection of cards, you can create your own. Their is one thing that is a let down and that is the setting. Add setting where we can add or decrease time to the clock or where we can change the points, depending on difficulty for each card. Other than that, I recommend it. Just try not to lose your relationship with your loved ones. Lol


Love the app, unfortunately swear word in music section. Have to delete.

Some ads wont dismiss properly

Decent game but some ads will not close when the close (X or No Thanks) is clicked. It will always take you to the product site. Its a real detriment to the game.

Heads Up knockoff

Thx for free copycat of Ellen DeG.s game from Warner Bros

Stupid adds

Every time you complete a game it makes you click on the add and go to the App Store and the "no thanks" button doesnt work.

Amazing! Great to play with friends and to have a good laugh.

This is an amazing app. It is great to pass time or to play with friends when bored. You sit down and have a good laugh. Every time I play it everyone is impressed. Its better cause you dont have to play the actual game out of the box however that is good too. Keep it up! ??????

Obnoxious ads

Could be fun, but the ads are so obnoxious and in your face and cause so much trouble by causing apps to switch and make you wait its ridiculous


This game is amazing!!! It is a very fun game to play with friends and family! You can make it even more fun by creating your own deck!!! You should definitely try out this game!


Its great with friends. Adult Charades is waaaayyyy better for drinking and parties though. They need to give away more coins


So I downloaded this today and then paid $0.99 to get the ads removed. Well after 15 minutes the ads came back!! And my card was charged!! And now I am trying to contact the people behind the app, well guess what, the only way I seem to be able to contact them is through Facebook. GUESS WHAT?! I dont have Facebook!! So what do I have to do now? Go through the whole trouble of making an Facebook account?! Ridiculous.

Very Good Game

Although this game is very fun when I put it down for correct it says pass !!


If I didnt give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Id be stupid this game is AWESOME!You HAVE to get it!My high is 89!!!(No Joke)

Remarkable!! So many varieties!

An amazing game to play in public or at home. Love the zillion different categories!


its an amazing and fun app. love to play it with my boyfriend!!

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