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This game is terrible I cant even see the words when I am playing the game because he keeps asking me to rate their game and ads keep popping up every two seconds. This game is so stupid every three seconds I have to pause to close the ad or Press cancel so that I can proceed my game. I have paused to close the ad or press cancel when you asked me to write your game at least 50 times and Im not even being sarcastic!!!!

Ads too dominant

20% of the screen is taken up during game play with ads making it nearly unusable without paying... and then there are ads as soon as you open and between rounds. They should just come out and say its $.99 to even be able to play... or show ads between every round.


I was playing this game and I didnt put the screen flat. The game said “F*CK YOU!” I immediately deleted it.

Please read!

Charades is very fun. I play with my family all the time. I will have to say it has ads. I mean it has some ads but not too many. Hope you enjoy it. ?

Great Game!

I LOVE this game! It is super fun to play with friends and family. You can unlock more decks by playing the game and earning coins. No hidden fees or anything. The adds only come one time when the timer has run out. Its so fun for breaking the ice at a party where not everyone knows each other! Enjoy!

Aside from the ads many catalogues cost money to play each time.

All these apps are just greedy. It cost few hundred coins to play one round. Im deleting it.

Fun and addictive

I always play this game when I have friends coming over. Its challenging and super fun!!!


Fun at Vietnamese restaurants that my son didnt want to come to

Great app!

Simple concept, streamlined and great for parties or entertaining groups.

Pretty decent!!!

This was a pretty decent app, loved it so much I thought it was decent, #DECENTAPP #BUCKTEEF

Invasive ads!

I understand that free apps often have ads. They are usually mildly annoying but tolerable, and you usually can find a way to enjoy the app in spite of the ads. In this case it is very difficult to even play the games without the apps interfering. Deleted after first use!


I love this game because it is fun to play with family and friends and you can create your own decks to play and everything is FREE!!!!!!!


The ads are so invasive. Not only are they everywhere, they redirect you to the App Store! It makes the experience of playing this game so terrible!



So many game modes

I love all the game modes a ton more than heads up.?

Less ads for the freebie

Tons of ads! Just started playing yesterday. So still getting a feel for this game. Seems fun so far.


the app itself is decent but its hard to get coins and the cheapest they come is $3.99. other then that its okay but the ads are kinda annoying...

Bad Language

It claimed to be 4+, but failed to live up to that. It swore. Very disappointed.

Great app for school

Excellent app to play in classroom to review for test... or in freetime

Family fun time

No boards to pick up. No controllers to fill with batteries. No cards to shuffle. No dice to roll. Just easy, fast, hilarious fun after dinner. ❤

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